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Ana Seco Duran - Drops
Ana Seco Duran - Drops

Ana Seco Duran - Drops

"Drops", Ana Seco Duran. 93 x 162 cm.
Mixed technique: oil and wax on canvas.
“Hibernating in Ankara” is the name of the painting series that the artist Ana Seco created during her 10 month stay in the Turkish capital in 2012. For this she restricted herself of her usual colorful palette and tried to adapt to her new challenge where she had to use recycled materials for the creation. As always her thoughts and everyday life is reflected on her Blue and red series where she tries to reflect on her expat life that takes her from the isolation of the first months to the development of new acquaintances and friends. There is also a big influence of her Cooperation work and the lives of the refugees with their many past histories, many presents and their uncertain future…
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Ana Seco Duran - Drops
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