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Isabel M. Belsa was born in Alzira (Valencia) on November 5th 1963. Her passion for sculpture goes back to her childhood when before she could talk, she modelled clay at an uncle’s ceramic workshop. Bachelor of Fine Arts by the University of Valencia she is also qualified from the Ceramic School of Manises (Valencia). She has taken part in seminars at the University and College of Architects of Valencia and a congress in Seville of maintenance and restoration of cultural properties. 1997 marks the start of her exclusive cooperation with Inver Art S.A., thus allowing Isabel M. Belsa to open frontiers and make her art worldwide known. Her artworks have a great expressive strenght and magic. Isabel gives special care to the language of gestures, the expression of faces, the movement of bodies, the robes... Her work is certainly called to have an important position into the art’s world. The impressions lived during the course of creation, described by Isabel herself are no doubt the best definition of her person
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