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Carla Monti - Bambina del Mali - Girl from Mali
niña de mali

Carla Monti - Bambina del Mali - Girl from Mali


CARLA MONTI lives and works in her own studio in Milan.
As a young girl, she started painting as a student of  Master Giacomo Gabbiani’s Accademia Libera – Free Academy- and presently she is an associate of “La Bottega delle Arti” - The Art’s Workshop – presided by  the painters Luisella Lissoni and Ettore Maiotti.
Before giving herself to art, she attained a Master Degree in flower arranging and oriental disciplines at the Ikebana School of Master Houn Ohara.
Most of her artworks are oil paintings on paper or wood, but she also applies herself to watercolour.


Fair  Reggio Emilia
"Gallery La Telaccia" - Turin
Painter’s Exhibition
30 november  - 3 december 2007

Galleria degli Artisti – Milano
Painter’s Personal Exhibition
17 - 31 may 2008


Ass. Culturale Athena in Catania,
Ass. Culturale le "Api" in Rome organized in the Barberini Palace, with the partecipation of the Minister Alemanno,
Artistic review from “Telaccia” in Turin and Montecarlo,
Artistic review in Capri with Studio S.Agnese,
“Vino in cornice” artistic competition organized to Albavilla and Villa Garbantini sponsored by the Municipality of Paderno Dugnano,
Art Fair in Montichiari (Brescia) in association with “Galleria Giochi D’arte”,
Art Fair in Reggio Emilia in association with “Galleria la Telaccia”.

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Carla Monti - Bambina del Mali - Girl from Mali
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