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Lorenzo Quinn _ The Kiss  €uros 2599,99
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Lorenzo Quinn _ The Kiss €uros 2599,99


Once again we are going to have the honor to be the first ones to present from one new sculpture of Lorenzo Quinn. As always brings out the modern style and easy to assimilate.  It corresponds to the 11th edition of this particular edition. After the 10th edition where we celebrate for triple accounting with “Give and take”, “tension” and “gravity”, Now comes the new one. One out of the habitual to what we are used to, with this “Hands Artist”, apart from the first sculpture of this collection, “Adan y Eva” and also “Ensoñaciones”, the principal element to highlight has been always his very expressive hands. Draw, take, support, hold, show, protect and offer….
Nobody like Lorenzo Quinn has known how to use one element that represent so much…
In this moment in his hands.
It is named “The Kiss”
It has one particularity, it is a kiss that everyone has the intuition, imagine and interactive with his or her own way. It does not represent one kiss, It is the Kiss.  That one that we always associate with our deeper interior, the one that marked one moment, one situation, one love. It is another intelligent form to play with our imagination. He represents it as follow.

“I think that one of the most wonderful attributes of the human being is the imagination. All what we imagine is a combination of something that we have seen, but the form to interpret these images is what distinguish as individuals.. I love to go sleep in the nights, knowing that I can dream with what I want, because it is possible in the dreams, all, inclusive that perfect kiss, one eternal kiss. One that we can count for the years to come, like the rings around the trunk of a tree.”
Lorenzo Quinn.

Limited edition of 999 sculptures with Authenticity Certificate.
Size: 16 x 18 x 28 cm.(6 1/4 x 7 1/2 x 11") .
Material: Bronze resin with a travertine marble base.

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Lorenzo Quinn _ The Kiss €uros 2599,99
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