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Conducts training in various workshops sculpture but it can be said that has been largely self-taught.
This artist receives great influence in the world of comics which also involved forms and transmitting characteristics in the world of comics to his sculptures, silhouette why the sauce are, but outlined transmitting strength, movement, dynamism and in turn and from a compositional dovetail with a modern décor.
He has done various collective exhibitions in Barcelona…
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Albert Ramírez - Love's hearth
Albert Ramírez - Love's hearthHeart of Love “Albert Ramirez, this sculpture represents perhaps today more youthful expression of love in modern style decorative adaptable to existing environments.
What are these two figures who love
Price 282,60 EUR
Albert Ramírez - Horizon
Albert Ramírez - HorizonThis sculpture titled “Horizon” Albert Ramirez us expresses the dream of two lovers who make plans together looking beyond the distance a future more...
Price 312,80 EUR
Albert Ramírez - The Kiss
Albert Ramírez - The KissThe Kiss is a sculpture of a modern style with a very dynamic loading of animated scene there are two bodies that are more...
Albert Ramírez - Union
Albert Ramírez - UnionWith this titled,”Union” Albert Ramirez is possible that we put in his sculptures is not exactly something that the union more positive more logic. more...
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