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ANA BÉJAR began sculpting in stone in the mid-eighties and was one of the co-founders of the Association of Sculptors Pablo Gargallo, a Zaragoza group dedicated to recovering the traditional Aragon style of sculpture. During the nineties she started with oil paintings and held numerous exhibitions and sculpture courses which promoted multiple art projects in collaboration with other artists. In 2002, she opened a workshop in Ayerbe in Huesca, with the objective to lay out sufficient space to carry out works of a higher dimension. Some of her highlighted works are "The Lady of Ayerbe" (2004), "Adam and the Sun Goddess," for the European Fantastic Art Center in Eben-Emael (Belgium) in 2006 and the "Monument to the Water boy" (2007). Throughout her long career she has received several awards and made many solo and group exhibitions in Aragon, other Spanish and European countries like France, Portugal, Belgium and Norway. From the stone, one of the toughest and undying materials, she gradually passed on to wood and eventually flowed out into using different materials and paintings on canvases. Finally, she discovered the technique of fusing together different types of materials, which she still works on at present, creating a type of modern sculpture and are of exclusive productivity. This allows great freedom of expression for one to have the capacity to build with simultaneous textures and easily add polychromy. "It is the synthesis of techniques and materials that coexist in the final works and are renewed and cleansed? - explains the artist. " Most of my sculptures, their names, their symbolic details, comes from another world. From an unconcious world of dreams of our forefathers and of intuition. After finishing my sculptures I realize that these symbols belong to all mankind. Create the truth is to get lost. "

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Ana Bejar - Angel woman
Ana Bejar - Angel woman"An androgynous winged character, transferred from a fantasy and ethereal world, which materializes gradually until defining some of its parts, such a... more...
Price 420,00 EUR
Ana Bejar - Levante
Ana Bejar - Levante"This sculpture represents the 'Changing Woman' of the Native American Navajo with hold the gift of rejuvenation once it turns senescent, linked toget... more...
Price 515,00 EUR
Ana Bejar - Aguadora
Ana Bejar - Aguadora"It is a seductive calling in which every woman with grace; beauty and vitality, catching the eye of all who watch her go to the spring. Thus,completi... more...
Price 525,00 EUR
Ana Bejar - Chapel
Ana Bejar - Chapel


"This sculpture is a representation of the archetype female, the protective Queen-bee generating life. The beehive-shaped skirt is in the form of a chapel in which classical

Price 615,00 EUR
Ana Bejar - Venerate
Ana Bejar - Venerate"A feminine sculpture portrayed as the bearer of the earth and the sea in its ephemeral and celestial form. She is born of a low conglomerate of stone... more...
Price 620,00 EUR
Ana Bejar - Sun Woman
Ana Bejar - Sun Woman"She is the Celtic goddess that warms the Earth and the human beings in it. She is the light that gives strength that creates and recreates life. In h... more...
Price 820,00 EUR
Ana Béjar - Ball woman
Ana Béjar - Ball woman


"This feminine bust of globular hair has been worked on by means of wool, in which each fibre is separated by joy and brightness, disparity and mystery. We do not know if she comes from a celestial festivity, from the...

Price 920,00 EUR
Ana Bejar - Neith
Ana Bejar - Neith"She is the goddess of the primeval waters, the embodiment of the fluids of the earth and sky in which the world and its beings are suspended inside. ... more...
Price 930,00 EUR
Ana Bejar - Eslava
Ana Bejar - Eslava"Memories of time long gone or one that is yet to come somewhere in the East or West.Its majestic demeanor invites us to think of wisdom. Its elaborat... more...
Price 2.399,00 EUR
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