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Lorenzo Quinn was born in Rome ( Italy) the 7th of May, 1966. He has studied art at the American Academy of Fine Arts in New York and in workshops and foundries both in the United States and Europe. His artistic endeavours are impressive and rewarding, and have brought him phenomenal success. Hi is inspired by the great masters, Michelangelo, Bernini, Carpaux and Rodin, and frequently returns to Italy for inspiration and knowledge. Starting out as a painter in 1982 he soon has discovered that a dimension was missing from his works. He turned to sculpting because of a need to create. He felt that as a painter he could not offer anything that had not been offerered already by other artist before him. Sculpting allows him to convey his innermost feelings to the viewer, it is in fact this direct communication. Lorenzo's work is included in many impressive private collections throughout the world, which has lead to prodigious amount of commissioned work. In fact, Lorenzo has been commissioned by the Vatican to esculpt the likeness of Saint Anthony to commemorate the Eighth Centennial of the saint’s birth. He has also been commissioned by the United Nations to produce a stamp for their collection. He’s been the focus of the campaign for "Absolute Vodka" entitled "Absolute Lorenzo". His current project "The Globe of Life" is truly a dream come true and his most important work to date.
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Lorenzo Quinn - "The Force of Nature" € 40.250
Lorenzo Quinn - "The Force of Nature" € 40.250We humans think of ourselves as supreme beings, above all others and in absolute control of our destiny and our surroundings. We live with a false sen... more...
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Lorenzo Quinn _ The Kiss  €uros 2599,99
Lorenzo Quinn _ The Kiss €uros 2599,99 one new sculpture of Lorenzo Quinn. As always brings out the modern style and easy to assimilate.  It corresponds to the 11th edition of this particular edition. After the 10th edition where we celebrate for triple accounting with “Give and take”, “tension” and “gravity”, Now comes the new one.

Price 2.599,99 EUR
Lorenzo Quinn - Tension 2999,90 E
Lorenzo Quinn - Tension 2999,90 E

"The road to this equilibrium must at times overcome many obstacles which in turn may appear un-surmountable. In a relationship, one is constantly (consciously or sub-consciously) trying to reassert ones position...

Price 2.999,90 EUR
Lorenzo Quinn - Gravity €7.999
Lorenzo Quinn - Gravity €7.999

"It is essential to find a balance in life. Many times that balance is achieved with the help of the people who surround us and that hold us firmly to the ground and without whom we would float into perdition".


Price 7.999,00 EUR
Lorenzo Quinn - Give and take
Lorenzo Quinn - Give and take


In this sculpture, “Give and take” Lorenzo Quinn, shows in his style of modern art, his vision about the satisfaction .Which produce as much as give this

Lorenzo Quinn - Trust  euro 2.799
Lorenzo Quinn - Trust euro 2.799


The most wonderful feeling and greatest responsibility is that of knowing that someone has complete trust in you. That feeling of total unabated abandonment in your hands...

Price 2.799,00 EUR
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Lorenzo Quinn - Continuum
Lorenzo Quinn - Continuum

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"It gives not many emotions, which feels like this, if you reach an objective. To have a lucky and unit family, this always was one of my big aims. Now, after years of love together with my


Lorenzo Quinn - Love  Euro 2799,90
Lorenzo Quinn - Love Euro 2799,90

"Amor y Eternum", has the unique feature of being two pieces that complement each other. They express a walk in the life of a couple. On one side "Amor" is a sculpture of two young hands enter twined which represent...

Price 2.799,90 EUR
Lorenzo Quinn - Adán and Eva
Lorenzo Quinn - Adán and Eva "I believe woman is the essence of Man's soul. This is what I tried to express in my continuation of Adam. I feel Man is not whole without Woman. Take out the woman, and the man is void. My wife, Giovanna, is the essence of my soul. I cannot even imagine life without her." LORENZO QUINN more...
Price 3.799,90 EUR
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