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Luis Barbosa was born in Cordobilla, Extremadura in 1952, although he later moved to Catalonia.His work has been exhibited in various Catalan cities and the rest of Spain. He has also exhibited in European countries such as France, Italy and Yugoslavia.Currently he is both sculptor and teacher. This is undoubtedly the reason that he opened his school/workshop in Montcada i Reixach where he teaches modelling and carving in wood at the same time as inspiring creativity in his students.“Watching his father work as a carpenter, Luis Barbosa fell in love with wood at a young age, its different textures, its warm colours, and its feel…”It is possible to define Luis Barbosa as a restless sculptor, curious and multifaceted: figurative and abstracts, colourful and natural.However, as with every artist a thread runs throughout his work. His work is characterized by its sensuality, sinuosity and its curves. The sculptures are without edges, pleasing to the viewer and have waves as the protagonist. His work is inspired by life. He translates all those things that catch his attention as an artist to wood, inviting us to reflect on what the substance expresses.
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Luis Barbosa - horse "Dehesa"  999 €
Luis Barbosa - horse "Dehesa" 999 €

This work is very spectacular. And with his style the artist surprises us in the form of the artistic animal vision....

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Luis Barbosa - torero "Lucío"   €uro 611,50
Luis Barbosa - torero "Lucío" €uro 611,50In Spain they called people „Torero“ too, if somebody had make something great. “Torero” is the expression ... more...
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Luis Barbosa - Bull "Lácara"
Luis Barbosa - Bull "Lácara"Your are amazed by the view of the bull „Lacara“ of Luís Barbosa. With the first view this sculpture remembers of the volume style ...  (edition completely sold) more...
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