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Stand out as a result of your good taste by choosing from our range of elegant gifts. There are some gifts that should be unforgettable and therefore we pay attention to the smallest detail during the selection process of our products so that you are able to find what you need for that special occasion. Among the products in this section these are some of the highlights: - Traditional Spanish ceramics “a cuerda seca” (dry rope). - Porcelain art from Goebel, with the collections Artis Orbis of classic paintings and - the unique style of Rosina Wachtmeister and her cats. -“Damasquinados” from Toledo. - A complete range of sculpted animals from Rinconada, in porcelain and embellished with 24k gold and platinum. In addition we have a wide range of products for VIPs, walking sticks, chess sets, replicas of famous historical weapons, office equipment, semi precious stones and above all something special that will stand out as a result of its originality.
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