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Presentation of Lola and San Valentín

Dear costumers and visitors!

In thinking about a nice artgift for a special day like San Valentin we will offer you some artists and their sculptueres of A very lovely gift can be the sculptures "Love" and "Eternum" of Lorenzo Quinn. Also a wonderful work of this artist is "With you". A simple spot of light will be produce a very special phantom.

On the other side we can present you other nice eros-sculptures with a very personal touch of the artists Casasola or Montserrat Faura.

If you prefiere it more sweet an classic, you will like the romantic style of our pioniers Belsa and Miró.

The saucy "Tango" of Bernard Rives is so nice in his soft and friendly forms.

Now arreives the moment in that I will use the chance for a little presentation. I mean the new artist Lola, Lola Martínez Lora. She was born in Cordoba, studied, works and lives in Barcelona. Lola is a fresh, experimental and open for new thinks artist. She was giving classes and also she was a dancer. All her ideas and freshness she put in her body feeling sculptures. In her works you will find a mixture of gestic and dynamic that looks like a dance between the world of bodies.

In this news and in our website you see 2 fotos of her works. The first one called "Tentación" ("Temptation") and shows, how the artis says by herselves "a moment of pasion and fusion of man and woman which bodies search eachother for contact".

The second foto "Paraíso" ("Paradise") discripes a lesbian love which shows us pure erotic and sensuality. In this work Lola shows us a relation between to girls wich bodies moves like in a dance in touch with her hands, lips, bosoms and foreheads.

Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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