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Presentation of the sculpture 'Venus of Armilla'

On next thursday, 22th march, at 12:30 hours, they will present the spectacularly work of 9 m high of sheet metal, the sculpture "Venus of Armilla". The international sculptor of granada, Miguel Moreno created this sculpture in honor of the spanisch constitution.

To this act will be speak the mayor of Amilla, José Antonio Morales Cara, the professor of history art, Domingo Sánchez Mesa and the create artist Miguel Moreno in the "Casa Taller Miguel Moreno" at 12:30 hours.

After the presantation of this great work, the participantes of this celebration have the possibility to know the new instalations of the "Casa Taller Miguel Moreno" by a good cup of champagne and  exquisites morsels of en exelent catering.  

On the first picture you see the sculpture "Venus of Armilla" in rough sketch. Above on the foto they show us the master Miguel Moreno togehter with his son, Augusto Moreno, he is artist too, how they put the parts of the work together.

Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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