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Mother's Day

Mother, Mum, Mummy. We all have our own form, how we call the woman, which gave us our life. This person, which allways stands with her helping hands by our side, which has a ear for all our problems, which is our councillor and comforter, in which we give all our trust and which we confide our secrets ... in which we get wholeheartet support.

In every kind of animal they bring up and educate its kids, but probable we humans are the only once, which learns the most of our mothers and especially, when we are starting to make our own experience of life and when we get the moment to be parents by ourselves.

Without any doubt, it's the moment of understanding. When we are young, we will grow up and looking for the independence. Later, if us need our own kids, we like to stay near of them to escort them by their way.

Maybe, in change of the generations, comes the bitter moment, if we lost them. Personal I think, it will be a painfull bad dream for every child, not important of the age 5, 20 or 50 years, when they are attack with this. You don't subdue it. It produce an increible big emotion crisis. It produce the rupture of link which unit us with our childhood and mutilate our memory. Produce like consequence of hierachical change which which put us in an extreme family tree of the livings.

In case of this, I have the memory of something sarcastic, which I heared of my mum many year ago, when she was over 40. With real sarcasmo and symphathy, reading in newspapers the obituaries and meaned " now I can die ..., because the one of the foto was younger than I".

In my case, I am sorrowful, because I lost her 1 1/2 month ago, but it not pass one day, in which I not be remember in her about the memory key "Grandparents" of the phone and the need to call her for hear her voice. To take care of her ... to give her caress, to hug her.

In vain. If they go, the only thing we can do, is to honour they and to rember us, where are we from, to keep they for ever in our heards with the certainty , that they will exist for ever.

Well, permit me disperse this feelings, but ... which not had toughed ... will be tough. For that, please care those.

My artistic recommendation offers a collection of maternity sculptures, which I hope, you will like. It begins with feelings and sweetness of the sculptures "Mum" or "Hold" of Belsa, it goes on for "Mediterranean Mother" of Faura, or with the personal style of Miguel Moreno the sculpture "Maternity 3".

Rafael Tejada Torres

Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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