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IX Nacianal Piano Contest

This is one of the opportunities, in which we feel honour to inform you about a special artistic project with big measure. We are speaking about the IX. National Piano Contest I.E.S. "Rio Órbigo" of Veguetilla de Órbigo, which was presented yesterday in diputation Mrs. Natividad Cordero, represented of the Institute of Culture Leonés and the coordinator of this contest D. Miguel Ángel Fernández Vega. It's important to say, that this contest be held every year and that the number of matriculated students grows up, this year with a editon of 77 (what you can read in the press of 28.04.2007 of "Diario de León").

On the other side, we take in of other informations of the website "Musica en el rio de oro", in which the organisation announce, that nearly the paper "El Pais" will be publish in it´s culture part an interview with the popular canarian pianist Iván Martín, which was realized today, 30.04.2007. Iván Martín was also inaugurated of the contest at the last 28.04.2007. The canarian pianist now starts his tournee and goes to London (Wigmore Hall), Germany (Berlin, Hamburg, Köln and others), Helsinki and New York (Carnegie Hall).

Our modest contribution is another kind to bring a piece of art to take away, to present it. In the for you maybe unknown National Piano Contest I.E.S. "Rio Órbigo" the winner will get a very special premium which will be the sculpture called "Allegory to the music" from the exquisit and sensible artist Ángeles Anglada. This contest in future will get more and more importance.

Now we include Ángeles Anglada "in our family" of our permanent collection. In this case our website now is in construction, but very soon you will find here all the data and informations of this artist lady and her works which now not is more unknown.

With kindest regards

Rafael Tejada Torres

Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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