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01/08/2007 was born in the year before (see news of 19/07/2006) and celebrates now it's first birthday. The way not always was easy, but in thanks of our customers and visitors we learned to fly and we can go on with our concept to present you different kind of art. In help with you and the artists, who confided in us, we had the good luck to make the world presentation of the sculptures "Continuum" of Lorenzo Quinn and "Allegory to the music" of Angeles Anglada.
Very soon we will present you the jewellery "Malagata" and also in a new category "Rinconada" porcelain figures in which we just had a good exit in our store (T-mas, Art and Gift) here in Gran Canaria. Paintings you will find too in the future at our website.
We are not art experts and not art critics, but we always like to present you a high level of art, with different styles in which you are enjoin and animate to find the kind of art, what you are looking for.
In celebration of our first birthday we present you some offers of sculptures and also some figures of "Elisa".
Thank you for your confidence and fidelity. We hope, to celebrate more birthdays together with you.
Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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