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Dear Customers and Visitors:

Like every year, if the summer and the autumn go, maybe you think, "well, till Christmas I have a lot of time." But, the time runs and soon you find the Christmas decorations in the stores, the streets glows in millions of lights, the smell of cakes and cinnamon are in the streets, the Christmas songs are listen in the radio and all over. And what is happen? "Oh my goodness, I haven´t the right Christmas gifts for my honeys". Don´t wait till the last minute! Look relaxed and comfort from home only with a little click for a nice art gift for your family, friends ... without full shops and long waiting’s at the cash machine.  In our online shop we offer you a big selection of sculptures (f. e. of the artists Lorenzo Quinn, Angeles Anglada, Subirachs, Miguel Moreno etc.), porcelain figurines (Rinconada´s animal edition, Elisa) and many more. In our catalog you find the style of different artists and different designs. Also we are sure you will find a nice Christmas gift for your loves.
That you have your art gift timely under your Christmas tree is necessary to make the order not in the last minute. If you know, in Christmas time the delivery time can be a little bit longer as in the rest of the year. Please think in this by making the order.
We are also happy, to inform you, that very soon you will have the possibility to pay also with credit card. At the moment you can by in  by bank transfer or by PayPal which is comfort, quick and save.

We are looking forward to your virtual visit. For any type of enquiry, please contact us.

With kindest regards

Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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