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Painting exposition 14 visions
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Dear Customers and visitors:

From, we suggest you an exposition of paintings to be held since the day of November the 3rd at the Club Natación Metropol in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; with the title of "14 versiones" which are both 14 of the students of Miguel Salazar Academy.
The artists exhibiting are:  Juan Antonio Santana, Pilar Alonso, Gonzalo Jiménez,Maxi Ojeda, Gelasia Nori sánchez,Isabel Añor, Sara Alemán, Rosaura Santana, Georgina Martín, Angelines Bernal, Lali Quesada, Agustín López, Cristina Pérez and Isabel Rodríguez "Maribel". In this exposition of collective paintings,we find the "spark" of a new artistic painters among watercolors and oil paintings that show a diverse assortment of marine models, still lifes, faces, bodies etc.This exposition es maintained until the 14th of November in time uninterrupted range from 9 am to 9 pm.

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