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Dads time

Allow me to celebration that one day very Special, and I ask him to mobilize each of which I read, will remember his father. Unfortunately in these times of stress and bad milk, we usually have closer to our memories to some stranger that the father himself, and the truth is that…man, also us deserve a day for rejoicing and that our Pimpollitos will look with something. In this case, my recommendation, which need not be verbatim, but in this case will coincide whit one the last sculpture buy Lorenzo Quinn who going to be included in “Exclusive Collection” The name quiet eloquent and perhaps appropriate to the subject today concerns, ”Give and Take”. It is a sculpture in the collection “hands” of Lorenzo that his special style. Treat the subject of enjoyment that night occurs when the value received. In marking this Father´s Day, we remember a little bit of whom we are rid of the mucous, calligraphy taught us; we are forced to go bed when the movies are warming. Or battle who tells us that we have heard so many times and we are still listening to the mood to talk.

Congratulations daddy.

Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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