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''Because there's only one mother''.

''Because there's only one mother'' How deep is the sense of this sentence.
I once read this from a power point slide I received from friends. I thought of it as a precise and ideal introduction for my mother’s day sculptures. The profound meaning to this presentation would be reached by matching the drawings to the words. I do compromise in sending this email to whoever requests it. In order that anybody can enjoy it as I did. To however have a little patience, here it goes:
Once upon a time there was a boy about to be born that came to God and asked him:
-They say you are to send me to The Earth tomorrow, but, how am I to survive there being so little and defenseless?
God answered him -From many angels that I know I have chosen one for you, and it is waiting to take care of you.
-But- said the boy, -Here in heaven, I don't do other than sing and smile. That is all I need in order to feel happy!
God said- Your angel will sing to you every day, you will feel its love and you'll be happy.
-And? - Said the boy. - How am I to understand their language?
-That's easy- said God- Your angel will say to you the most beautiful and charming words you've ever heard. And, with lots of patience and care will teach you to talk.
The boy looked at God and said- And what am I to do when I want to talk to you?
God smiled and replied- Your angel will put your little hands together and teach you to pray.
The boy said- I have also been told there are bad men on Earth. Who is going to protect me?
God put his arm around him and replied- Your angel will protect you and even give its life for you if necessary.
The boy saddened and said- But, I will always be sad because I won't see you again.
God cuddled the boy – Your angel will always tell you about me and will teach you the way back to my presence even not being at your side.
At that very moment a great peace filled heaven and voices for Earth could be heard. They boy hurried to make his last question. - If I am to leave at this very moment God, tell me how my angel is called!
To that God replied- its name is not as may just call it MUM!
With my best wishes I dedicate this to every mother. As to this, I will make the usual recommendations I consider best. On one hand the presentation of a new sculpture by Ms Angeles Anglada called         "My first lullaby”. To this one we could also add ''My first caress”. With regards to Mr. Lorenzo Quinn works y would recommend ''Continuum'' which as usual combines modern styles and is dedicated especially to family.
To vary slightly in style I would add "Maternity” by Miró and “Tied together” or "Mommy” by Belsa.
I hereby hope that this selection pleases you and you are hooked with this idea of offering art as gift.
Rafael Tejada Torres

Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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