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" T-mas" it extends his commercial supply
25/10/2008 client,
From we want to share with you the good news, from the 19th of September, we have extended our supply with a new commercial establishment located in Arguineguín, in Shopping Center "La Marea", in Gran Canaria.
From this new point of sale (" T-mas" , art and whims), we added to the new article a range for home and decoration of the most prestigious marks of the moment like WMF, world-wide leader in design for the home and household. In addition we have Guzzini, thought to cheer its kitchen with the colorful design and in plexiglass. The glasswork of Leonardo, where to the good taste and quality they accompany the price to him.
On the other hand, our proposal of decoration of interiors with floral combinations to create placid atmospheres. Artistic range is extended with our already known collections sculptures and figures, with the added newness of auxiliary furniture. With this supply we try to create an alternative to the masificación of the Eastern markets to a right price. All this within a designed pleasant atmosphere so that to our visitor it passes its visit unnoticed.
We look forward to your visit!
Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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