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The Best Wishes in
25/06/2009 Customer,
Through "Factoría Creativa", we want to present them the new collection "The Best Wishes".
Factoria Creativa, is a multidisciplinary equipment formed by several artists who develop their main activity like sculptors, painters and decorators have initiated what will be a collection whose sculptures will transmit the best feelings than they are possible to be wished an appreciated person. This collection offers the amplest fan of possibilities and will be growing with time.
Staying faithful to a figurative style and therefore easily identifiable by the great majority, Factoria Creativa has developed pieces that make reference to the appraised values more of the human being as they are the love, the health, the life, the children, peace, the confidence, solidarity, the coexistence… Its message is clear and direct. A hand that gives and offers of generous form… Is for that reason that becomes the perfect gift any being loved at the important moments of their life.
These pieces are offered in diversity of ended up combining the metalised ones in bronze plated slid with the painted finish, this way a more classic or more modern air with the same piece is obtained. In some case we can put pedestal of black color instead of the original travertino.
All the sculptures will be limited series of 999 units, will go accompanied of their corresponding certificate and a text that transmits” best wishes”.
Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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