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Rinconada de Rosa. To collect elegant things
13/07/2009 inform to you that we have extended the collection of figures of Rinconada of our section " Stylish Gifts". In Rinconada one totally joins the elegance and the quality of the done good crafts with his finished craftsmen. Colorful of its enamels and gold details of 18kts. and platinum.
In this case there are addition two new collections:
On the one hand a collection of figures of families (The families Collection), where as it will be able to see it has sets that can buy separately or complete families to a better price.
In addition, we also incorporated the appraised collection more (Rinconada Large Collection) where you can find several figures in limited edition and to a greater size.
On the other hand, we have updated already the ample collections Rincababies and Anniversary adding the new features and selecting of perhaps the most asked for catalogue. In any case and to being enough more ample, if you wish some figure that you do not find, you do not doubt in asking for her that we will try to find it for you.
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