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“…at least Christmas arrives”
23/10/2009 sonando con mama N.JPG

Dear clients of,
We are approaching to the time of the year of more happiness, the Christmas. Like every year we show you our purchase suggestions. We continue insisting on Rinconada’s little figures, in fact we recommend the Birth, the Manger (Nativity Collection). There are two alternatives to choose, on one hand, the simplest that is composed by Joseph, Maria and Jesus in the manger, and on the other hand a bigger one that includes apart from the mentioned before a young donkey and an ox from the collection ‘’Anniversary’’ and an sheep from the collection ‘’Baby’’. We emphasize this Christmas composition from the prestigious group of artists that makes art from each ceramic sculpture.
I also want to present you a new sculpture ‘’Dreaming with mummy’’, by Ángeles Anglada. It is a delicate and sweet sculpture. From we know that our clients are going to like it a lot that’s why we put it on sale from today so you can reserve it.
Anglada also presents ‘’Commiment’’, ‘’Forever’’ and ‘’Memories’’. These three sculptures are very indicated to give as a present in special days, in order to reinforce a friendship, to appreciate collaboration. Using a modern style to make sculpture combining the suggestion and expression of a pair of explicit hands.
We recommend you to keep in alert for new pieces of arts. And remember that our art doesn’t expires.

Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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