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Feeling of Lorenzo Quinn with the rum
18/11/2009 al futuro4.jpg

Recently, in the month of September a new public sculpture of Lorenzo Quinn has been inaugurated in the Marine Stroll of Sitges (Barcelona). The name is “look to the future”.
But this sculpture carries a story added; it serves as a tribute to Facundo Bacardí Masso. It may sound familiar his surname. Is the name of a brand of rum, this made the rum one of the most recognized and consumed in the world.
All the history starts off in this place, where Don Facundo was born and he tells that being still teenager, he emigrated to Santiago of Cuba in 1830 and was there where after several attempts in wines and brandies trades, in 1862 he bought a small distillery and made the bat brand.
To the inauguration attended two of his descendants, one of them is the current president of the Company in addition to the artist and top city officials.
The monument represents an open circle with two hands that come from the inside. It reminds us in part to our sculpture "I give you my soul".
This is another monumental public sculpture of Lorenzo. You can see several of these sculptures in Spain.
NOTE: ¡The title is a joke! Really we don’t know if he drinks rum.

Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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