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Comes Mother's Day
13/04/2010 de Montull 022.jpg

Like always in the proximity of mother´s day, from wants to wish you present properties with the same art as always. Well... obviously we change things. Don´t go thinking that we always have the same goods. Let´s leave behind baby things, I propose you that now crisis economy times are finishing, to animate yourself with one of our sculptures, or a figure of porcelain, there´s also: If you´re looking for a sculpture: I propose you one of Lorenzo Quinn: "CONTINUUM". Even though we also have Angeles Anglada that is a professional in giving this tenderness to the sculpture, she has made: "SOÑANDO CON MAMA" which is one of the most popular and  new, "MI PRIMERA NANA", "NO ME SUELTES" and "MI PRIMERA CARICIA" that the por sculpture is not being selled...not because she is poorly, because she is old. if it is for families... we have the new collection of Rinconada  THE FAMILIES were you will find: MOM FROG OF THE FOREST, MOM OWL, MOM CAT. Well the picture is a surprise in the Canaries. It's "Maternity" Montull Louis, a bronze original seven units, but we're still preparing as a new entry in the group of sculptors who have joined us. Artistic greetings.

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