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02/11/2010’s a fact that Christmas comes every year, that’s because the world keeps on turning. Commercial interests takes care of it (‘it’ being Christmas) and among us all we establish this “Christmas Spirit” which is disliked by some and adored by the majority. It is the idea of ‘Give and Take’ that most people find it hard to preserve. When scholastic expenses are over and done, comes the festive season which is of a higher consumption for us all. Who can get away from the former will not from the latter!
Ahh…Jingle bells! Jingle bells! We are all but ‘victims’.
This year, our ‘Give’ is the possibility of paying, throughout this month of November, with your American Express card without any surcharge. You could save and accumulate points for gifts.
What? Don’t have an American Express card? Don’t fret, consult us and we’ll definitely get you that discount.
I believe that this year, instead of spending on the usual cakes and pastries, which only tend to fatten us (although I know you all do it for the sake of gravity!), I would take advantage of the Christmas campaign at 
Besides our Rinconada's Bethlehem, I have “Great Bull” which is a new piece. I’d also like to present “Elasticity” and “Air” by Angeles Anglada, who by the way asked me to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.
Although no one has told me yet, I am very certain that Josep Mª Subirachs, Lorenzo Quinn, Carlos Mata(from heaven up above), Luis Barbosa, J.L Pequeño, Borghese, J.L de Casasola, Albert Ramirez, Xaloc, I. MªBelsa, Miró, Antoni Capó (also in heaven up above), Montserrat Faura, Alfredo Lanz, Pedrín, Fili Plaza, Bernard Rives, Lola M. Lora. Miguel Moreno Romera & sons, team Elisa, Ángel Gustavo, Carla Monti, Eva Traumann, Renate Liebetrau von Hafën and the Rinconada's figurines, are all on their way to Bethlehem. They would all like to wish you a Happy Christmas too.
Well then, have any of you ever received such artistic wishes? Make your reservations and invest in art…expand the heritage.
Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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