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Rise in prices of Lorenzo Quinn
21/10/2011 customer of,
As is usual in these cases, I would like to let you know about an important turnover. It is regarding the collection of sculptures by Lorenzo Quinn, which can be found in our catalog. These sculptures will, for a short period of time, have their prices changed.
However, the works involved are the oldest, those which are over five years old. The increase is yet to be determined, but it is known to be about twenty percent of the actual price.
There may be some collectors who are missing a few works from this era and who would want to make a purchase prior to the rise in prices. Or maybe there are those who are thinking about an advanced Christmas shopping, in order to achieve more important savings.
The deadline for orders at the current prices will be until October 30, 2011.
Although, I can propose an alternative, BUY NOW at the advantaged price and you can put a date on when you want to receive the work of art.
The sculptures which at the start would be increased in prices are: "Adam and Eve", "Dreamscape", "Trust","The Creation", "I give you my soul," "Love" and "Eternum".
I hope my advice to invest in art is valuable and up to your liking.
Warm and sunny greetings.
Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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