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Christmas Story
14/11/2011 year little one2.JPG

Today I would like to narrate a Christmas History.
It was during a visit to an Art Fair, where in between sculptures and painting booths I came across something rather surprising. Christmas candies were on display, along with lollipops in the shape of a Euro currency.
My first thought on seeing them was: I doubt that children in other countries enjoy these candies in the same way that we do!
Some lick on a flavored Neapolitan struffoli, others, on a Belgian-flavored sweetened chocolate bonbon, the French "buche noel", the German “Marzipanstollen" and of course, the delicious Spanish nougat (“turrón”).  Arriving at the Greek, I sadly thought, poor them, how they’d have (after all the licking) nothing but the plastic to lick on!  On the other corner, I noticed that there were a few others fighting hard to keep their paper intact. The Vatican currency, however, will have probably tasted even better. Most of them may have never ever been tasted or even touched and yet would be discarded on expiry. How unfair is this world-when you think about, how many mouths it could feed!
The art that I sell is not edible; in any case it serves as an investment and is a sight for sore eyes.
In these times of adaptation and adjustment, this may be a heartsick Christmas for many or to others a time full of hope and illusions.
Besides the well-known sculpture section, where Lorenzo Quinn, Josep Maria Subirachs, Carlos Mata, Luis Barbosa, J.L. Pequeño, Fili Plaza, Bernard Rives, Angeles Anglada, Miguel Moreno Romera, Pedrín, J.L. Casasola, Miró, Borghese, Xaloc, Isabel M. Belsa, Albert Ramirez and Co., sculpt, carve and shape Modern Art.
Eva Traumann‘s Digital art and Angel Gustavo, Carla Monti paint pictures to decorate any place.
Also, like always, Rinconada, the collectable porcelain figurines.
I leave you with this offer that as always suggests, so do give it a thought.


Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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