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Do you know what happens when one loses all Trust?

Many of you might be wondering what this is all about. Well, it's rather easy to explain actually.

With all confidence I shall tell you I saw this coming, the economic crisis which has greatly influenced the slowdown, and it is now, that when we are without "Trust" we begin to value it more.

As has happened already with limited editions and sold out sculptures by Lorenzo Quinn - take the case of "Hand of God," "After Love" or more recently, when we lost "Gravity" – which disappeared from the market of art and began its process of appreciation that has made them really attractive and elevates, both small to medium art collectors.

There is evidence of the revaluations of the other sold out works, I want to assure those of you who did not believe me on previous occasions, to take positions in acquiring these works of art before we stop seeing their last works in the market.

From , I invite you to know, in case you did not know it, that I have attached a link of the previous sculptures which are in the similar situation.

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You are sure, that you want to break the procedure off?