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Special Offer on "Sculpture Permanent Collection"!!!
15/06/2012 en CP1.jpg

Dear customer, there are times when it is such a pleasure to give you certain news; such as the offer on one of the wide ranges of collection which I propose.

From now and up until the supplies last, I offer you to buy any sculpture from the "Permanent Collection" -not including works of Ana Bejar- cataloged with prices reduced by forty percent (-40%).
Yes! You have read it correctly! Forty percent off the actual prices on any of the sculptures included in the "Permanent Collection”
You know, there are times when you are going through your basement (or in my case “stock”) that you realize how many things have accumulated over time and that it would be better to sell them off at cheaper prices and in a way pay less, especially when you are in the process of moving.
This offer is valid from today till the end of August 2012.
Take this opportunity to buy good art, both beautiful and cheap!

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"August 20, the last day for the 40% Campaign in Permanent Collection."

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