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23/10/2012 customer,
As before, we report a unique opportunity to introduce to you the works of a world renowned artist Josep María Subirachs. For those who do not know him, he is one of the forerunners of the Spanish avant-garde sculpture, more precisely the Catalan. Among other things, he has devoted much of his life in the development of the idea of Antonio Gaudi's sculptural facades at “La Sagrada Familia” in Barcelona. And, is also the creator of the Passion Facade. But in regard to this particular work, has set a very particular style, where the facades, torsos and busts gain a personal perspective and panoramic view to the infinite reality.
Examples of high profile monumental work include: Outside Spain, which is a “Monument to the Olympic Games” in Mexico (1968), the “Monument to the Union of East and West” in Seoul (1989), also the anniversary of their Olympic Games. And "The Fates", a work of his time in Belgium in 1955 which represents three bronze figures:  Birth, Life and Death. Once in Spain, besides the already mentioned work on "La Sagrada Familia" in Barcelona, it is also important to mention the great statues of the facade of the Sanctuary of La Virgen del Camino in Leon or the Monument to Francesc Macià, in Barcelona (1991). Not forgetting the Monument to Pau Casals in Vendrell, Tarragona (1984).
Noted for his versatility and artistic creativity in many domains, as well, Subirachs is a painter, printmaker, designer, lecturer and an art critic. He came about to make this famous phrase: "Art is the eroticism of the story," a phrase that was entered in a lapidary in a small phallic obelisk.
His work is arranged in many modern art museums around the world: Cleveland Museum of Art (USA), Musée Olympic (Switzerland), Vatican Museum (Vatican), Museum of Contemporary Art (Madrid), Museum of Modern Art (Bilbao), MNAC (Barcelona).
The sculpture that I offer, applies particularly to a work of editing and already depleted of 50 units. It is based on an original 1969 named "Virtual", which, in 2000, it was accepted as a special edition made of aluminum and is resin bronze plated. Its dimensions are 30x30x18, 5 cm and the issue number is 28.
I would like to emphasize that the sculpture has a small dent on one side of the aluminum, but is almost not noticeable and does not make it any less valuable, I just had to warn you for information. So I attach a current photo where you can verify the said fact and comment on it.
It is a sculpture that went unnoticed at the time some of traditional businesses and the general public. The limited edition and the demand for trade commitments made, was acquired and sold almost entirely through the gallery of a famous hotel specializing in art. Not so the other two sculptures that are offered openly in our catalog, which are "Venus" and "The Facade", which although falling in the same idea and collection, to be the largest edition in both (999 and 175 respectively), you can still find it in its editing period.
It is already very difficult to find any on the market and in fact, the prices at which wonders may give a reference of which is revalued because the public is offered no less than 12,300 Euros. From, I put it in their power for 8.950 Euros.
The teacher Subirachs, has taken years in his line of work and thus is now retired from his trade, thus making his work stand at the altars of merit.
I hope you enjoy it!
Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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