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T-mas WindowDear customer and friend of, as usual at this time, I am writing to you to give my Christmas gifts recommendations. I know that this year, our Christmas, the Spanish Christmas; will be somewhat harder than usual like it was for the Greeks last year. For this reason, I think, adjustments are needed to be made within the euro area and especially for the Spanish, who require special attention.

I understand that many families are scrimping their expenses so that their children do not suffer for the basics rather than the luxury sector and who are not. But as a luxury is something that everyone of us likes occasionally, I would like to propose a special discount for purchases within the month of November TILLTHE 9TH OF DECEMBER!!!- with a  10%  discount on " Exclusive Collection "and “Studio Anglada”, and 15% discount on the rest of the collections, whether paintings, sculptures or general gifts. And free shipping within the Spanish mainland.T-mas Window 1

It is a way of purchasing in advance in which can lead to more work comfort for both. Do not miss the opportunity if you can, art is forever and works of Josep Maria Subirachs, Luis Barbosa, Carlos Mata, Ana Béjar, Jose Luis Pequeño, Borghese, Casasola, Albert Ramírez, Xaloc, Belsa, Miró, Antoni Capó, Montserrat Faura, Alfredo Lanz, Pedro Rodriguez "Pedrín", Fili Plaza, Bernard Rives, Lola M. Lora, Anna Oliver, Angeles Anglada, Estudio de Arte Moreno, Eva Traumann, Guillermo Forchino or Rinconada, well deserve the honor of knowing their homes.

With this term, well with this and with the  "Best Wishes Collection", which are the same as I would like to express.

Sunny greetings.





Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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