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Wind Mobile and spirals
08/07/2013 the generated optical illusion effect , we can see inside a steel spiral, a crystal ball of high quality, that slips up or down depending on the direction of rotation, this effect actually conceals the movement of the ball, since being transparent goes unnoticed and produces the illusion of a levitating ball in a stainless steel.
The collection of wind mobiles and spirals that offers you, will be included in the collection "Stylish Gifts" which is the destined place for decorated products, fashion of recognised quality.
Mobiles are stainless steel, especially suitable for outdoor decorating or indoors. The capricious cuts, and the modeling of the bright blades relaxing effects, hypnotics, sedatives are the perfect stress remover you can find. We add to all this various forms of steel combined with colored glass, therefore, it adds all the benefits of Feng Shui, to absorb and transform the energies of crystals, providing the harmony necessary for a good home environment or workplace. It can be accompained with the spindle motor (not included) to keep constantly moving the phone if there is no breeze or gust of wind.
The spindle motor is optional. Is provided with a support on which hang the mobile, so not having a breeze to move it, the item will always keep turning. Powered by two AA batteries (not included) and has a tab that allows on / off position.
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