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New sculptures Anglada
Dear customer:
Every year around this time, you shows you its new catalog of sculptures. In this case there are several works of Angeles Anglada , specifically five sculptures and two clock sculpture compositions -"Cadence, Feeling, Strength, Confluence, Vertigo, Entail and Fusion .
2013 has been a year of required changes because of the need to renew before the end brands like Elisa or Inver Art- editor of much of our art catalog . 
All this has enabled us to evolve into other projects. First was the presentation of the compositions of crystal sculptures by Nuria Grau and then all attractive collection of " Wind Mobiles and spirals " which is to be the " Christmas Gift " . There remain many outstanding performances , which for lack of time aren't going to come as soon as we would like , but they will arrive . As many as first comming to " T-mas " , our physical store serving to present them to you.
As I always say , keep us in your head , there will always be an attractive offer for that special gift or detail . We have already started the Christmas season.
Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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