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Discovers you talent Ana Seco
Good news for all fans of, a new inclusion in our catalog of artists. It is our presentation of Ana Seco Duran. Multidisciplinary artist and designer in constant evolution showed by her growing curiosity for new fields and techniques. From we will offer you some of her paintings as well as her new adventure in the fashion field where she has created a silk scarf collection with her painting images in which she represents the flora and fauna of the Canary Islands. Moreover, all this serves to reinforce and expand the canary to the existing supply of "Pintaderas Canary" by Eva Traumann.
In her curriculum emphasizes:
Ana Seco Durán.
Santa Cruz, Tenerife Spain.1965.
Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts 1989 from "La Laguna" University, Tenerife (Spain)
Post graduate studies in advertising and computer graphic design in Madrid.
Post graduate studies, taken at Parsons School of Design, New York (USA) and at FIT (fashion institute of design) in business and accessory design.
She believes in continuing education and therefore she takes courses each year to learn new artistic techniques:
2008- Alexandria Egypt, Mosaics with Doctor Salem from the fine Arts Faculty.
2009- Cairo, Ceramics at the Art Village.
2011- New York, online course marketing and business from FIT New York.
2011- Ankara Turkey Ebru (Painting technique)
2012- Beijing, Chinese painting at the China cultural center.
2012- Online Masters on Marketing and fashion communication from Complutense University of Madrid.
Ana has lived and worked in New York, Norway, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Egypt , Turkey and China.
She has done 21 solo paintings and ceramic exhibitions, in Spain, Europe and the USA, having taking part in the well known Art Expo in New York. 2004
Ana Seco has created several murals for hotels and businesses being one of the relevant ones the one she created for the Wall Street Company Isbre, in New York.
She has a great experience in the art, design and fashion fields. Having participated in several art and design projects in Spain as well as abroad.
Since 2005 she combines her artistic career with cooperation for development through the fields of art and designs.
Between 2005 and 2007, facilitated the creation of the first fashion design diploma studies in Ethiopia.
2010- She was invited by the Ethiopian government to participate in the creation of the new fashion Curriculum for the country.
In 2010 she developed 2 fashion projects sponsored by the Spanish Embassy in Cairo culminating in a fashion show with over 1000 people attending.
She also organized an exhibition with participation of Spanish and Egyptian artist at the contemporary art gallery Darb17-18.
2010 She was invited to give a conference at the Helwan applied Arts University.
2011. She taught a ceramic workshop at the refugee center in The Vatican Embassy in Ankara. Turkey.
2011 Took part in the Copenhagen fashion week with a jewelry collection.
2011. Solo exhibition at the Contemporary art center in Ankara Turkey.
2011 Conference at Middle Eastern University in Ankara Turkey.
2011 Design a cushon collection to be produced in Ethiopia and commercialized in Spain.
2012. Organization of 2 fashion shows of Ethiopian clothing in the Canary Islands.
2013. Solo exhibition at “Sala de Artes Plasticas”. Las Palmas, Spain.
Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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