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What are these characters looking at so emphatically, not losing a single detail?
Maybe they're pensioners?
- Nooooo!
Maybe they're tourists looking at the queue for the buffet?
Maybe they're looking at fireworks?
- Nooooo!
Well, they're.. "The Visitors"... They're new, newcomers that come to stay at
Dear customers and loyal fans of
I hope this innocent joke is okay to introduce them to a new presentation of items to our catalog of "Stylish GIFTS and HANDyCRAFT".
“The Visitors” are a new incorporation that we want to let you know in this section. They are the most popular creation of Belgian sculptor Guido Deleu (1932). He is an artist which is carreer was very late, he started to demonstrate all his artistic passion of Sculpturing after his retirement, after all a carreer of civil engineer for Philips. It's then when he starts interesting in discipline learning to express his artistic inquisitiveness. For this he prepared himself for three years in the "Academy of Art" in Roeselare, and also several courses in Carrara, Italy, focusing in marble sculping techniques of the most recognised masters of the place. With all this he's been nominated in several art competitions, but it was in 1996 when his most famous sculpure saw the light, a piece of a natural size of this creation, presented for a competition that defines the entrance of a cultural centre in Flandes. From we offer you this serie of ceramic figures with different finishing touches, for this they only use clay and natural pigments for an extended range of colors. They're made in "Cores da Terra", in the Selma Calheira studio in Brasil, which has been known and popularized by the development and education of the local craftworks, and also for the direct contribution of the economic and cultural progress of one of the most poor areas of Brasil. It's a nice thing to add as an inside decoration, shining for its charm and that fits perfectly alone and also in a monochrome group or a color and size combination. 
Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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