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In Christmas season ... and giving I-clips
I just wanted to present my Christmas season, reminding that this year we explored international markets, adding new products, most of which are crafts and art ("The Visitors" by Cores da Terra and the serie of bronze statuettes by "Sonata Gallery" we already presented).
Moreover, in we are pleased to have the opportunity to present the original and personal art catalog of Lorenzo Quinn ("Force of Nature", "Gravity".....) where you can freely choose the masterpiece you like, naturally in accordance to market-based prices. But in our stock of Lorenzo Quinns "Exclusive Collection" might still remain the work you are looking for.
If you want a sculpture presented in the personal catalog of the great master, just ask. Not every masterpiece is on stock, but it will be always available at any time, if you are prepared to wait.
Consult our delivery terms and conditions without any compromise. Thats the way it works:
"I am interested in this or that artwork . Can you get it for me ?"
"Everything is possible ! Sometimes it´s easier - sometimes it´s faster - but it is always possible."
Angeles Anglada continues to provide us beautiful sculptures, as always, very suitable for special occasions. This kind of present will always impress and does not take us out of budget.
All purchases before the 15th of december 5th of January and over 150 € will recieve a very special gift.
The gift will be the already very famous I-clip, you will be pleased to have.
Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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