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T-mas X-mas 2015
Dear followers of
I invite you to see our new products for the Christmas season and besides, I would remind the most relevant things that have been included this year in our catalog:
The main novelty, the inclusion of Ángeles Anglada's new commitment: she inaugurates her new "Exclusive Collection" with the presentation of "Imagination".
This new collection will mark the special "Delicatessen" annual commitment, as we offered with other artists (see Lorenzo Quinn, Josep María Subirachs, Luís Barbosa, or Carlos Mata) holding hands with the extint Inver Art. The distinction will be significant and for this case, "Imagination" is a bronze sculpture on a travertine marble base, with a 500 units edition. It will be served in a luxurious wooden box. The rest of the presentations of their collection is available at "News".
Two other novelties, not less important, would be the presentation two new multiple sculptures by the master Miguel Moreno. They are "Reconciliation" and "Illusion". Two nice details that lovers of Master's exquisite work will also enjoy.
On the other hand, I have got left a pending debt with Ferrán Santiago "Ferransan" and its presentation in artists catalog, because he was not officially introduced, but with the four works that he rewarded us his presence in I hope that it surprises you as much as it does to customers that enjoy some time in our physical store "T-mas".
For those who like to enjoy crafts and classy gifts, we remind you to don't avoid seeing Sonata Gallery's Catalog. Our Greek friends continue adding delicate handmade bronzes, framed or on the basis of volcanic lava.
We have added new colors of "Visitors" in the"Cores da Terra" collection and have included new works from his collection of Brazilian crafts, such as the "Pinkwins". And new colors of I-Clips.
Just one more thing, we want to thank those who follow us and encourage us to continue with this work of putting some modest distinction within your reach.
I wish you enjoy a Merry Christmas.
Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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