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Improvised showroom of sculptures by Lorenzo Quinn
Determined by the fleeting visit of a client whom was interested in our Lorenzo Quinn sculptures collection, we decided to make a showroom, which is more convenient and private, so you can have the necessary pause. For this, we are improvising a space in which we can present all the works available in "T-mas", our physical store which's webpage is
With the exception of "Continuum" and "Give and Take" (silver), which aren't available at the moment, same as "Eternum" due to the lack of space and similarity with "Love", was presented in "T-mas". The rest, "Adam and Eve", "Hand of God", "After love", "Dreamscape", "Trust", "The Creation", "I give you my soul", "Love", "With you", "Tension", "Gravity", "Give and Take" bronze y "The Kiss", were ready so my client whom came from far away could enjoy them, as to share it with art lovers and collectors with "good tastes".
Rafael Tejada Torres © 2017. 
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