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1º” Article search    ·

·         With „Quick find“ (above on the left side of our Website) you have the possibility to search an article.

·         In the column left under “Quick find” you find a list of the different categories with the artists, their works and the information about our articles.

·         In the column “Recommended articles of the day” receive you the necessary information, by clicking on the appropriate picture.

·        Notification: Some articles are without price. Please ask for it with the form in “Contact” or register you. 


2º” Add articles in the cart 

·         Please click on the symbol “Cart” for add the article in your cart.

·         By clicking on [Watch Cart] in the column “MiniCart” you have the possibility to see all your articles in it.

·         Now you have the possibility of add more articles in the cart by clicking on the button „Purchase continue “or also by clicking „Remove“ to eliminate articles. If you confirm the button „Update“, your order is brought on the newest conditions. If you would like to realize now the order, click please on [Go].

·         If you are already a registered costumer, you have in the column “Your orders” also the possibility to add articles in your cart. Complete your data and watch your data actual, change your data and make your purchase.


3º” Registration (identification)  

·         If you are already a registered customer, announce themselves with your email and password.

·         If your are not registered and its your first purchase, please complete the form of registration.

·         After your registration the calculation and dispatching data of your order are pointed out. If you want to continue now with the order, please complete the method of payment. Also please read and accept the conditions.


 4º” Termination order

·         Please control your data and click on the button [Terminate order], in order to close the order and transmit the data. Now you get a confirmation of the order with all necessary data and the order number and the possibility to print it.



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