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Angeles Anglada - Don't let me go
Angeles Anglada - Dont let me go

Angeles Anglada - Don't let me go


The artist Angeles Anglada creates this new sculpture. In its style recognized by sensitivity at the time of dealing with subjects like affection parents, tenderness and many aspects that make of this work a good candidate in their style modern and distinguished to special gift for events and familiar celebrations.

"Waiting nothing in return, you are looking for my support, I note your tenderness, your frailty, and your enthusiasm in this small over mine". Angeles Anglada

Limited edition of 4999 sculptures.

Material: Bronze plated.

Size: 11,25 x 4,75 x 5,5"(28 x 12 x 14 cm.).

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GBP 105,60
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Angeles Anglada - Don't let me go
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