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„My work shows to be human, its love, passion, sensuality and egotism in a way of evolution.
In art I am inspirited by music, dance, theatre, and in all this be to stay in this world to open it and go on.
I understand the creation like an act of love.
To create something is to love.
I create how I life: in love."

Lola Martínez Lora

She was born 1970 in Cordoba.
Lola licensed 1994 at the university of Barcelona „the beauty art" specialized of sculptures. Later she realized another study about new material aplicate of sculptures and learned draw technicals.
She extended her technical formation with other courses of reproduction of sculpture by cast rigid and flexible, also by a course with the theme „the portrait into sculptures".
After studies and with her big interest by the world of ceramics, she titillated like high technical of ceramics art and realized some courses by argil and gypsum cast for reproductions of ceramics together with courses of enamel. This entire permit she to use these different technical’s to make different kinds of sculptures.
The realized courses of dance and theatre permit her, to bring rhythm, force, movement and expression to her sculptures.

2006 – CERCO – Contemporary fair of ceramic in Zaragoza.
2001 – World fair of ceramic in Korea. An contemporary, catalane artist of ceramics.

Press release
2006 - HERALDO DE ZARAGOZA (7th of May). "Lola M. Lora presents busts of Terracotta with profound flavour of classic."

See presentation in Temasarte.com of the notice of 2sd. February of 2007!


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  • Lola M. Lora - Water

    Lola M. Lora - Water

    "In the long history of art the masculine torso and feminine torso searching for the beauty. When I created "Earth" and "Water",...

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    Lola M. Lora - Earth
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    Lola M. Lora - Earth

    "In the long history of art the masculine torso and feminine torso searching for the beauty. When I created "Earth" and "Water",...


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