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  • Eva Traumann - Pintadera
  • Eva Traumann - Pintadera
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Eva Traumann - Pintadera "Crazy patchwork"

“Pintadera Canaria”. They are called the ‘Pintaderas Canarias’, symbolic paintings of the Guanches (canarian aborigines, before the Spanish colonization) were used as stamps or seals to distinguish between families properties or clans. A variety of these paintings can be found in “La Cueva Pintada” in Gáldar or in the Gran Canarian Museum in Las Palmas. Our painter, Eva Traumann, after years of studying about the canarian culture, in her paintings has highlighted these particular sets of interpretations by using a mixture of colours and combining them into more harmonic versions. We would like to present them in a more abstract style and for this, a mixed technique based on watercolours are used. For its final presentation, digital printing on aluminum (Aluminum Dibond, click + images) which, as an example of its quality,  guarantees 70 years of unalterable use. These are suitable for all types of modern atmospheres (hotels, restaurants, meeting room, offices, etc.), bringing out a more ethnic spirit and with different lighting capturing its different styles and contrasts.
100x70 cm, 50x70 cm, 35x50 cm, 25x35 cm.
All these measurements are outlines and may differ slightly in proportion to the original. For now we offer these four measurements to standardize and consider possibilities of printing on other materials or using other methods.  Our painter can also paint the original in watercolours, mixing and blending colours making it come alive and in its own way unique. For this, it has been established that there will be only a maximum of 6 copies of each original.      
Allow delivery within 20 to 25 days.
P.S: Direct distribution. Orders for works on Eva Traumann shall be sent separately and not with other items ordered.
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Digital copyAluminum Dibond35 x 25 cm.
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Digital copyAluminum Dibond50 x 35 cm.
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Digital copyAluminum Dibond50 x 70 cm.
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Digital copyAluminum Dibond100 x 70 cm.
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Aquarell Mischtechnik100 x 70 cm.
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Aquarell Mischtechnik50 x 70 cm.
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