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Ferran Santiago - Seduction
Ferran Santiago - Seduction

Ferran Santiago - "Seduction"

“I’m a sculptor, a modeller, a painter, a photographer and I’m none of those since we can never know about everything.” 
With this auto-definition we introduce you to Ferrán Santiago, a restless artist whose path is exploring, learning and materializing the sensations he finds in what he admires - applying with success its personal stamp.
He describes himself as a passionate sculpture and human body sensor. Gesture materializer and even of a simple balance or a glance; of  how someone can express himself through different materials, releasing its energy and “transforming it into something tangible and yet ethereal since with every piece he blossoms a new propulsion”.
Its work gets soaked of any oneiric version, capable of letting out the erotic part - this is the case of the collection we present to you from, the most fantastic and terrific one from an awful nightmare, as it would be in his other creative facet, nowhere near an irrational concept, as he says: “It’s about how surrealism and cinema hold hands to travel around worlds where there are a lot of creatures yet to be discovered and characters who we shouldn’t have met, or yes?”
The artworks of this collection are wrapped in a mysterious and evocative halo, where thanks to a “patched or granulated” and rusted finish, emphasizing a contrast between a forgotten or reencountered sensuality, or simply recovered from a castaway. 
Resin plated brass.
Dimensions: 43 x 16 x 10 cm.
Limited edition of 299 units.
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GBP 440,55
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Ferran Santiago - "Seduction"
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