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Guillermo Forchino - Tuk-tuk
Guillermo Forchino - Tuk-tuk
Guillermo Forchino - Tuk-tuk 1
Guillermo Forchino - Tuk-tuk 2
Guillermo Forchino - Tuk-tuk 3
Guillermo Forchino - Tuk-tuk 4

Guillermo Forchino - Tuk-tuk

« Papa, papa, today we’re going to the beach, ok? I want to model sculptures such as Yippee, we’re going to the beach, hurray, hurray” cried Antonin jumping up and down while pulling with all his strength on his father’s shirt.
“Oh no, no, today we are going on another tour by tuc tuc to discover the streets of the city and its monuments” answered Dominique to his son.
“But papa, we already went by tuc tuc yesterday and saw 12 monuments, 6 markets, 4 temples and 2 museums” said a concerned Antonin.
“You will see how much fun you will have!” said Maud, the mother.  “I’m going to take some great pictures which we can watch back home.  I have already taken 628.  Isn’t that marvelous?
“Sure”, continued Dominique, “I’ve already taken 7 hours of video, these modern cameras are great.  Today, I began filming as soon as we got up, when we were brushing our teeth, when we flushed the toilet.  I also have a spectacular scene of ants taking away the crumbs from the breakfast table. I recorded everything!”
“Papa, I want to go to the beach!” begged Antonin desperately.
“I really do not know why we take you with us.  With what this trip is costing us and you, the only thing you are interested in is going to the beach to spread sand everywhere.”
“No, no and no! I’m not going!” screamed Antonin crying.
“That’s great, don’t stop crying!” said the father, filming the tears that streamed down Antonin’s cheeks.  “Sensational, this scene even Spielberg couldn’t have done it!” said Dominique smiling, proud of his artistic talent
The Comic Art of Guillermo Forchino is now available for a larger group of art lovers in the form of limited edition, numbered series. Found only in specially selected stores, each piece is identified by a numbered stamp on the bottom.
It comes wrapped in the newspaper “The Forchino Times” along with the autobiography of Forchino and pictures of his collection. A certificate of authenticity completes the package.
Original sculpture: 51 x 26 x 35 cm.
Available numered edition: 27 x 14 x 18 cm
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GBP 205,41
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Guillermo Forchino - Tuk-tuk
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