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  • Lorenzo Quinn - After Love E 3.499
  • After love evolution 06

Lorenzo Quinn - After Love E 3.499


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"In a marriage you must be at once, great lovers and best of friends. The union must go beyond love, a love which must outlast the heat of the first instants. This love must last even after love. Only during these intimate moments do the real problems which threaten a relationship begin to surface. It is then that one must remember the promises made to each other as well as the path travelled together. The sculpture depicts two hands - one male, the other female - wrestling to overcome the dilemmas associated with every marriage. Here, I tried to capture the ‘give and take’ necessary for a marriage to flourish." LORENZO QUINN

Year of creation: 2000 - SOLD OUT EDITION -  
Artist: Lorenzo Quinn
Material: Bronze plated
Tamaño: 7" x 13" x 7" (19 x 35 x 18 cm).

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Opiniones de clientesLorenzo Quinn - After Love E 3.499
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Opiniones de clientes

    despues del amor

    he estado durante 16 meses anhelando poseer la escultura y al fin lo he logrado,es una maravilla su contemplacion,elegante,delicada,de una realidad increible,soy una afortunada.Pilar,Mallorca

  • 32
    Lorenzo Quinn - Trust  euro 2.799
    1.899,00 2.799,00

    Lorenzo Quinn - Trust euro 2.799


    The most wonderful feeling and greatest responsibility is that of knowing that someone has complete trust in you. That feeling of total unabated abandonment in your hands...

  • Lorenzo Quinn - Love  Euro 2799,90

    Lorenzo Quinn - Love Euro 2799,90

    "Amor y Eternum", has the unique feature of being two pieces that complement each other. They express a walk in the life of a couple. On one side "Amor" is a sculpture of two young hands enter twined which represent...

  • Lorenzo Quinn - Dreamscape euro 2.299

    Lorenzo Quinn - Dreamscape euro 2.299

    "Oftentimes, I feel the need to get away to my own perfect world where the pressures and strife of everyday existence temporarily, at least, don’t intrude. Man in this sculpture feels the need ...
  • Lorenzo Quinn - The Creation 2899 E

    Lorenzo Quinn - The Creation 2899 E

    Special Mother's Day!!

    "I believe in God but above all I believe in having a clear conscience. While far from perfect, man has been created to be perfect. It has always amazed me to see how ancient cultures ...

  • Lorenzo Quinn - Eternum  Euro 2599

    Lorenzo Quinn - Eternum Euro 2599

    ...“Eternum” reflects the reward of a whole life spent in harmony together where the only change through the passage of time, the physical, is compensated by the affection, understanding, friendship, and memory of the good and bad times shared. ... 

  • Lorenzo Quinn - With you  €uro 2899

    Lorenzo Quinn - With you €uro 2899

    One of the most wonderful sensations is to know that there is someone close to you and that will be there forever. I believe that what each couple is looking for is a complete symbiosis; that sensation...
  • Lorenzo Quinn _ The Kiss  €uros 2599,99

    Lorenzo Quinn _ The Kiss €uros 2599,99

    ...Temasarte.com one new sculpture of Lorenzo Quinn. As always brings out the modern style and easy to assimilate.  It corresponds to the 11th edition of this particular edition. After the 10th edition where we celebrate for triple accounting with “Give and take”, “tension” and “gravity”, Now comes the new one.

  • Lorenzo Quinn - Adán and Eva

    Lorenzo Quinn - Adán and Eva

    "I believe woman is the essence of Man's soul. This is what I tried to express in my continuation of Adam. I feel Man is not whole without Woman. Take out the woman, and the man is void. My wife, Giovanna, is the essence of my soul. I cannot even imagine life without her." LORENZO QUINN
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