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Nuria Grau - Table Clock butterfly high
Nuria Grau - Clock Butterfly High
Colors - Nuria Grau

Nuria Grau - Table Clock "butterfly" high

Height: 30 cm.
9 colors to choose from.
Almost 30 years of history dedicated to decoration and to the world of presents have permitted the company NURIA GRAU become popular, occuping a important ranking inside this place. This couldn't be possible without the help of a working group always looking after the market needs and incorporating their minimalistic tendences and a great confection of design that are achieving to shine -never said best- in markets of half a world.
For this, their products are fabricated with the best prime materials, being the Austrian cristal and the murano the principal base of their compositions.
The enourmous fan of colours and posible conbinations, permit give a personal pleasure to any customer, without having to discuss the fast shipping, being the delivery of 7-15 days from order date. With eight posible tonalities for each design, they make them easily adaptable to the preferences of the consumer. After a careful quality control in the finishing of his works, everything finishes in the packaging, elegant and resistable to the transporting, including guarantee and a number of serie in all of the fabricated articules.
From TEMASARTE.COM we bet for NURIA GRAU, with the conviction that her sculptures will shine in our catalog with their own light.
Price EUR
1 Clear
GBP 133,75
2 Gold
GBP 133,75
3 Blue
GBP 133,75
4 Red
GBP 133,75
4 Green
GBP 133,75
6 Pink
GBP 133,75
7 Black
GBP 133,75
8 Purpura
GBP 133,75
9 Amethyst
GBP 133,75
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Nuria Grau - Table Clock "butterfly" high 1 Clear
Nuria Grau - Table Clock "butterfly" high 2 Gold
Nuria Grau - Table Clock "butterfly" high 3 Blue
Nuria Grau - Table Clock "butterfly" high 4 Red
Nuria Grau - Table Clock "butterfly" high 4 Green
Nuria Grau - Table Clock "butterfly" high 6 Pink
Nuria Grau - Table Clock "butterfly" high 7 Black
Nuria Grau - Table Clock "butterfly" high 8 Purpura
Nuria Grau - Table Clock "butterfly" high 9 Amethyst
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