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Total EUR would like to introduce you to its newest artist, Guillermo Forchino. For those of you, who are not familiar with him, will be so (with a smile on your faces) once you have seen his sculpture. His sculptures are how one would describe as “Comic Art”.
These are perfect for a modern cheerful and colorful ambient and would never go unnoticed.
From the early 1980’s, Guillermo Forchino experiments with various materials to create works of art in volume. This research began at Facultad de Bellas Artes en Rosario, Argentina and then continued with three years of studies in art restoration and conservation at the Sorbonne University in Paris, France. During his studies he discovered and mastered classic techniques and materials.
After completing his studies in Paris, he returned to Argentina where he directed the Juan B. Castagnino atelier of art restoration for the Museum of Beaux-Arts of Rosario.
It was during this period that Forchino began creating figures made from wrapped bands of cloth where the visible parts of the body (head and hands) were made from wax and paper mache colored with natural pigments.
From the end of the 1980’s, Forchino chose poly resins to create figures and scenes that resemble the world of comic strip and cartoon characters. They are typically unusual and humorous subjects such as a family leaving on vacation in an overloaded car with flat tires or a tired, old American pick-up truck from the 1950’s.
He has used other modes of transportation such as boats, planes and motorcycles and has even used a bathtub for a military dictator. His characters are always handled with humor and finesse and given a soul.
He has had regular expositions in France and in Argentina.
Guillermo Forchino lives and works in Paris in his workshop two steps away from the Père Lachaise cemetery.
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Guillermo Forchino - The biker
Guillermo Forchino - The bikerAbel Robino rode unperturbed on his magnificent motorcycle. He knew that women were crazy about him.They adored his beautiful tattoos, his athletic ph... more...
Price 113,30 EUR
Guillermo Forchino - "Mini" my first love
Guillermo Forchino - "Mini" my first loveWhen I saw its sensual curves, I immediately fell in love. The elegant air and incomparable way of moving made me lose by mind. It was love at first s... more...
Price from 188,80 EUR
Guillermo Forchino - Tuk-tuk
Guillermo Forchino - Tuk-tuk« Papa, papa, today we’re going to the beach, ok? I want to model sculptures such as Yippee, we’re going to t... more...
Price 230,80 EUR
Guillermo Forchino - My new fiancée
Guillermo Forchino - My new fiancéeMarcellus Brown, the millionaire, had many sculptures and collector car, but he liked was the cream of the year Convertible 52. His ... more...
Price 239,90 EUR
Guillermo Forchino - The bohemian
Guillermo Forchino - The bohemian Temasarte.comPascale and Dominique were artists who painted for One day,they loaded their "2CV" with fruit, books, brushes, oils, racks and an o... more...
Price 259,00 EUR
Guillermo Forchino - Bois de Bologne Park, Paris
Guillermo Forchino - Bois de Bologne Park, ParisThe warm afternoon was perfect for a little game of petanque. Marcel Dupont prepared with care a set of petanque balls; he spit shined them with a sof... more...
Guillermo Forchino - Fiat 500 littel jewel
Guillermo Forchino - Fiat 500 littel jewelAs a salesman, Dante was an ace. He could sell refrigerators to Eskimos and shampoo to a bald person, he was proud of having sold sand to an Arab shei... more...
Guillermo Forchino - The taxi
Guillermo Forchino - The taxiOn a very hot day, Miss Marta Gaitan Barberio and her friend Mercedes Arana Calderon decided, after a long trip by train, to go home by cab. The taxi ... more...
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