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Ana Béjar - Ball woman
Ana Béjar - Ball woman

Ana Béjar - Ball woman

"This feminine bust of globular hair has been worked on by means of wool, in which each fibre is separated by joy and brightness, disparity and mystery. We do not know if she comes from a celestial festivity, from the intermingled world of spiders or from the patient fairy world where everything seems to be spun into life." -Ana Béjar. “ Mujer Ovillo or Ball (of yarn) Woman" is a lighthearted sculpture where our artist tangles and entangles us with her flirtatious celestial idols. For this, the sculptor uses a mixed technique, as you can see, which moulds naturally and thus giving us a very particular kind of art. Dimensions: 41X30X24 cm.
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Ana Béjar - Ball woman
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Each sculpture of Ana Béjar is performed individually by artisan process.
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