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  • Mujeres, Frauen, women, femmes


    Women who read, women who care for children, women who wear elegant...

  • Handmade bamboo speakers


    As it happened previously, from Temasarte.com we would like to present you a collection of handcrafted speakers for smartphones; we are pretty convinced that they will surprise you and that you'll definitely get a liking to them.
    The major part of it's originality is in it's simplicity, since it consists of a bamboo tube...

  • Visitors arrive


    What are these characters looking at so emphatically, not losing a single detail?
    Maybe they're pensioners?
    - Nooooo!
    Maybe they're tourists looking at the queue for the buffet?
    Maybe they're looking at fireworks?
    - Nooooo!
    Well, they're.. "The Visitors"... They're new, newcomers that come to stay at Temasarte.com.

  • Christmas 2013



  • Wind Mobile and spirals


    On the generated optical illusion effect , we can see inside a steel spiral, a crystal ball of high quality, that slips up or down depending on the direction of rotation, this effect actually conceals the movement of the ball, since being...

  • Attention! "Virtual" opportunity


    As before, we report a unique opportunity to introduce to you the works of a world renowned artist Jose Maria Subirachs. For those who do not know him, he is one of the forerunners of the Spanish avant-garde sculpture...

  • Ana Bejar, a multidisciplinary sculptor of adorable women


    Dear customer, From https://www.temasarte.com, I would like to invite you to meet Ana Bejar, sculptor of femininity idolized...

  • Rise in prices of Lorenzo Quinn


    ...la colección de esculturas de Lorenzo Quinn que encuentra en nuestro catálogo, se producirá en muy breve tiempo una modificación de precios

  • madre 2011


    Hay quien toma esas buenas vibraciones a través de quien lo parió y hay quien a pesar de todo ello ni por asomo lo agradeció. Hay quienes asumieron ya de serie que el cariño era una obligación, y hay quienes a pesar de no mamarlo, lo buscaron como otro modo de comprensión.

  • Comes Mother's Day


    in the proximity of mother´s day, from https://www.temasarte.com wants to wish you present properties with the same art as always. Well... obviously we change things. Don´t go thinking that we always have the same goods. Let´s leave behind baby things, I propose you that now crisis economy times are finishing

  • Virtual & physicist


    Si hay un hecho cierto, es que el comercio físico pierde fuerza en detrimento del virtual. La lógica que sacamos de aquí es tan aplastante como que soporta menos gastos

  • Christmas of Temasarte.com


    Temasarte.com wishes Merry Christmas him.

  • Love......


    We select for a series of sculptures buy renowned artist, the forth coming dates are approaching. Comes Valentine´s Day and hoping that are to their liking, offer

  • Painting exposition 14 visions


    With the title of "14 versiones" (14 visions) which are both 14 of the students of Miguel Salazar Academy. The artists exhibiting are: Juan Antonio Santana, Pilar Alonso, Gonzalo Jiménez,Maxi Ojeda

  • We are in celebration ...


    ...very soon we will present you the jewellery "Malagata" and also in a new category "Rinconada" porcelain figures in which we just had a good exit in our store (T-mas, Art and Gift) here in Gran Canaria.

  • Mother's Day


    Well, permit me disperse this feelings, but ... which not had toughed ... will be tough. For that, please care those.

  • OFFER! Hand of God


    Maybe it's the last chance to see this skulpture on the market

  • Welcome Mr. Pequeño


    The sculpture of José Luís Pequeño suggests, and much… He is able to inspire calmness und freedom to us. He is one...

  • Advance the second Elisa Deluxe, 'Aroma'


    The second work of Elisa deluxe is born. Her name is “Aroma” and will be come on the market in october. The artist now finishes the details and its colours are still secret. It will be a limited edition of 300 pieces. Reserve now your own “Aroma”, because it’s possible, that she will be quickly a sold out edition like the first Elisa deluxe “Velada”. The price is calculate by about 1.050,00 Euro.

  • Valentine visits us


    Something is near, near the heart. It is tangible and Temasarte.com takes you to it. Valentine's day is here to come to choose.

  • Improvised showroom of sculptures by Lorenzo Quinn


    Determined by the fleeting visit of a client whom was interested in our Lorenzo Quinn sculptures collection, we decided to make a showroom, which is more convenient and private, so you can have the necessary pause. For this, we are improvising a space in which we can present all the works available in "T-mas", our physical store which's webpage is Temasarte.com.

  • Direct connection with Olympus


    To talk about theirs is, right now, like to share with you a significant confidence, they...

  • New sculptures Anglada


    ...Temasarte.com you shows you its new catalog of sculptures. In this case there are several works of Angeles Anglada , specifically five sculptures and two clock sculpture compositions -"Cadence, Feeling, Strength, Confluence, Vertigo, Entail and Fusion-. 

  • A brilliant way to give.


    ... minimalistic tendences and a great confection of design that are achieving to shine -never said best- in markets of half a world...

  • Special Offer on "Sculpture Permanent Collection"!!!


    Dear customer, there are times when it is such a pleasure to give you certain news; such as the offer on one of the wide ranges of collection which I propose. From now and up until the supplies last, I offer you to buy any sculpture from the "Permanent Collection" -not including works of Ana Bejar- cataloged with prices reduced by... "August 20, the last day for the 40% Campaign in Permanent Collection."

  • Merry Christmas


    Dear friends and clients Temasarte.com, During this festive season we celebrate Christmas in our own ways



    I have got news! I have the opportunity to present to you a sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn. A friend of mine, Mr. X, has decided to let go (due to on avoidable crisis) of one of this very valuable and exclusive sculpture, which is also available in our collection. It is bronze and acquired directly from the artist himself. I present the sculpture “Time flies”.

  • Pintaderas canarias


    We are confident that the native lovers will appreciate the work done over the years by the artist

  • From Temasarte.com, Merry Christmas.


    Temasarte.com wishes you ¡¡¡¡MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  • Rinconada de Rosa. To collect elegant things


    ...a collection of figures of families (The families Collection), where as it will be able to see it has sets that can buy separately or complete families to a better price. In addition, we also incorporated the appraised collection more (Rinconada Large Collection)

  • " T-mas" it extends his commercial supply


    From Temasarte.com we want to share with you the good news, from the 19th of September, we have extended our supply with a new commercial establishment located in Arguineguín, in Shopping Center "La Marea", in Gran Canaria.

  • Presentation of Albert Ramírez.


    Dear users, we are pleased to announce the inclusion in our catalog of artists from the “Permanent Collection” Albert Ramirez. They may find that their artwork, loading dose of imagination

  • The same procedure than every year!


    Like every year, if the summer and the autumn go, maybe you think, "well, till Christmas I have a lot of time." But,

  • Here comes Angeles Anglada!


    Still before official presentation we had a little sucsess with her art in form of personal deliveries and some company gifts.

  • Presentation of the sculpture 'Venus of Armilla'


    The sculpture, work of Miguel Moreno, on the square of the townhall of Armilla.

  • 3 more of Alfredo Lanz


    Temasarte.com is happy, to inform you sharp to the Christmas season about the new features. These sculptures complete the catalogue of our artists.

  • Christmas Gifts


    Art for Christmas

  • We go online: WWW.TEMASARTE.COM


    We lost a lot of sweat and headache, but know: Here we are!

  • T-mas X-mas 2015


    Navidad en Gran Canaria
    Dear followers of Temasarte.com:
    I invite you to see our new products for the Christmas season and besides, I would remind the most relevant things that have been included this year in our catalog:
    The main novelty, the inclusion of Ángeles Anglada's new commitment: she inaugurates her new "Exclusive Collection" with the presentation of "Imagination".
    This new collection will mark the special "Delicatessen" annual commitment, as we offered with other artists (see Lorenzo Quinn, Josep María Subirachs, Luís Barbosa, or Carlos Mata) holding hands with the extint Inver Art. The distinction will be significant and for this case, "Imagination" is a bronze sculpture on a travertine marble base, with a 500 units edition. It will be served in a luxurious wooden box. The rest of the presentations of their collection is available at "News".
    Two other novelties, not less important, would be the presentation two new multiple sculptures by the master Miguel Moreno. They are "Reconciliation" and "Illusion". Two nice details that lovers of Master's exquisite work will also enjoy.
    On the other hand, I have got left a pending debt with Ferrán Santiago "Ferransan" and its presentation in

  • Goodbye to Josep Maria Subirachs


    Modestamente me gustaría rendir homenaje a este grandísimo artista catalán que falleció ayer día 7 de abril tras bastantes años de padecer una enfermedad que lo mantuvo alejado de la vida pública.

  • "Gravity" by Lorenzo Quinn. Price evolution.


    "Gravity" by Lorenzo Quinn.
    Price evolution from May 2010 until September 2013.
    Do you remember that I warned that the gravity was lost?
    It was in May 2010. Now there are fewer and costs more to have it.
    What are you waiting? every time need more ballast to have it.

  • KISSES. Kisses for all..!!!


    Dear customers and friends, I would like to send several kisses in a series of deals related to "Valentine's Day". Coming from https://www.temasarte.com, one can only expect them to be artistic. And in this case, I have taken the opportunity to submit news regarding this special day dedicated to all lovers. And there is more, in addition, we will offer a special price that I hope you will fall in love with...

  • Do you know what happens when one loses all Trust?


    Do you know what happens when one loses all Trust? Many of you might be wondering what this is all about. Well, it's rather easy to explain actually.

  • Our participation in "Soy online"


    Dear Customer and Supporter, I would like to inform you that on November 22nd, we had the pleasure of participating in an interview given by one of our daily newspapers “La Razón”. Under the headline

  • Comes the "Comic Art" Guillermo Forchino


    https://www.temasarte.com would like to introduce you to its newest artist, Guillermo Forchino. For those of you, who are not familiar with him, will be so (with a smile on your faces) once you have seen his sculpture.

  • Ding-dong


    Ahh…Jingle bells! Jingle bells! We are all but ‘victims’. This year, our ‘Give’ is the possibility of paying, throughout this month of November, with

  • Feeling of Lorenzo Quinn with the rum


    Recently, in the month of September a new public sculpture of Lorenzo Quinn has been inaugurated in the Marine Stroll of Sitges (Barcelona). The name is “look to the future”. But this sculpture carries a story added; it serves as a tribute to Facundo Bacardí Masso. It may sound familiar his surname. Is the name of a brand of rum, this made the rum one of the most recognized and consumed in the world. All the history starts off in this place

  • The Best Wishes in Temasarte.com


    Through "Factoría Creativa", we want to present them the new collection "The Best Wishes".

  • ''Because there's only one mother''.


    The profound meaning to this presentation would be reached by matching the drawings to the words. I do compromise in sending this email to whoever requests it. In order that anybody can enjoy it as I did. To however have a little patience, here it goes: Once upon a time there was a boy about to be born that came to God and asked him:

  • Merry Christmas


    El Equipo de Temasarte.com les desea Felices Fiestas con tanto arte como pueden ver. Con Eira, una recien llegada a esta mundo, la cual provocó que su papá, Dani



    We had the pleasure to assist the Cuban artist Nilo Manrique with the presentation of his exclusive collection. He select in this exposition 4 sculptures

  • Photography as art.


    ... different styles and a few kind of subjects in his objects. He shows on one side homeless people, people with his own special personal history. And on the other side ...

  • Presentation of Lola and San Valentín


    Dear costumers and visitors! In thinking about a nice artgift for a special day like San Valentin we will offer you some artists and their sculptueres of Temasarte.com.

  • Urban sculpture


    Last urban sculptures of Miguel Moreno Romera.

  • Lorenzo Quinn now with his sculptures in Almenar too


    Sculptures of Lorenzo Quinn

  • African bronzes


    Do you know our collection of African crafts?

  • Discovers you talent Ana Seco


    Good news for all fans of Temasarte.com, a new inclusion in our catalog of artists. It is our presentation of Ana Seco Duran. Multidisciplinary artist and designer in constant evolution showed by her growing curiosity for new fields and techniques. From Temasarte.com we will offer you some of her paintings as well as her new adventure in the fashion field where she has created a silk scarf collection with her painting images in which she represents the flora and fauna of the Canary Islands. Moreover, all this serves to reinforce and expand the canary to the existing supply of "Pintaderas Canary" by Eva Traumann

  • Montserrat Faura, dreamlike mythology.


    Dear friends, I would like to introduce to you the collection of paintings by Montserrat Faura. From Temasarte.com hope you like them.

  • T-mas X-mas


    ...10% discount on " Exclusive Collection "and “Studio Anglada”, and 15% discount on the rest of the collections, whether paintings, sculptures or general gifts. And free shipping...

  • Special "Mother's Day 2012"


    "Happy Mother's Day" means more Than have a happy day. Within those words lie lots of things We never get to say. It means I love you first of all

  • Christmas Story


    Today I would like to narrate a Christmas History. It was during a visit to an Art Fair, where in between sculptures and painting booths I came across something rather surprising. Christmas candies were on display, along with lollipops in the shape of a Euro currency.

  • Give and take "between Kun Aguero, Gallardón and Nadal


    Rafael Nadal, Sergio Kun Aguero and Alberto Ruiz Gallardon received at the end of the ceremony, the commemorative sculpture ("give and take"), by Lorenzo Quinn, who are speakers of each of the forums.

  • We lose Gravity!


    The time would come. We already saw it coming through the spectacular reception from art collectors. Lorenzo Quinn sculpture “Gravity” is about to sell out. It had been no surprise, the ease at which it has sold. In time of crisis like this, in which art has not been exempt, has worked. Has change in style been expressed through the symbolism of “hands”?

  • “…at least Christmas arrives”


    We are approaching to the time of the year of more happiness, the Christmas. Like every year we show you our purchase suggestions. We continue insisting on Rinconada’s little figures

  • The art and solidarity in the fight against the cancer


    ...it unites a very warm bond to us. It is the virtual presentation of a new sculpture from https://www.temasarte.com. With the sale of this sculpture...

  • Dads time


    Allow me to celebration that one day very Special, and I ask him to mobilize each of which I read, will remember his father.

  • Again we are the first


    Presentation of the spanish edition of de sculptures "Tension" and "Gravity" of Lorenzo Quinn, new in our "Exclusive Collection"

  • Nights in Duke's Club


    ...I will like to recommender to you and all next visitors of our island a very nice night meeting place in which you will find another kind of art. In "Duke's Club" you will be enjoy with a special musical live spectacle during the whole week except Monday. Duke's Club... and in reality at the moment is the in-meeting-point.... starts every night at 10:30 p.m...

  • IX Nacianal Piano Contest


    We show you another kind of art and hope, that you will enjoy with it.

  • Art of nudity, Las Palmas G.C.


    Receive information of the Canarias Governments Website.

  • Born: KelleyCo, specialist in digital art


    The new agency KelleyCo Art Licensing specialized s of licenses of...

  • Another method of payment


    Now it’s possible to pay in our Online-Shop with PayPal. PayPal, created by EBay, allows any business or consumer with an email address to securely, conveniently and cost-effectively send and receive payments online...

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