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Frequently Ask Questions:

1. How calculate the costs of delivery?
The costs of delivery result of the place of destination and the weight of the selected article. With your registration and your data include of the weight of the article it’s know possible to calculate the correct costs.

But we recommend separate orders, if you selected for 2 or more articles which weigh more than 5 kilos in each case. Also you will get separate bills and deliveries.

2. How to pay?

At the moment we have 4 possibilities of payment: Pay directly in our Shop “T-mas” in Anfi del Mar, by credit card,  bank transfer or  with PayPal (more information about PayPal you find at

Please select in your order the method of payment. At the bottom of the confirmation you will see the modalities. It’s possible to print or send your order by e-mail by yourselves.


3. How to cancel an order?

By e-mail. Registered costumers send us by e-mail a notice which order-number and account you want to cancel.


4. What will happen with my personal data by registration?

Your personal data will be used only intern by “T-mas” and never personal information will be given to third parties.  We use your data for the correct identification of your purchase, for inform you about offers and new features, for made statistics.


5. How I get more Information?

If you not found any information on our Website or for any other type of question, please contact us, by e-mail or fax. Or call us +34 619257589  and in the evening Monday till Friday 15 - 20 h canaries under +34 928 15 14 11. We prefer to stay near to our costumers.


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